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My You Tube Channel is HERE. Amongst others, it features a number of videos about the British Mini Tennis System and how, in my opinion, it could be better. The videos have had over 30,000 views with wonderful feedback from Coaches both in Britain and abroad.

The two most popular are below. The first regards the expense and over-complication of mini tennis. The second describes the effect the mini tennis competition structure has had in the UK, particularly on Girls Tennis.

I also wrote an article for Oncourt, the Canadian Tennis Magazine titled “Mini Tennis – How a Good Idea Got Complicated”. This can be found HERE.

Below are two more videos about Mini Tennis with with regards to the British Climate.

One more point about the videos, they are meant to be FUNNY as well as making a point. You are most welcome to see if you think that they are.

All my other videos, some worth watching, are at my You tube media channel HERE

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